Refund Policy

Last updated on May 14, 2020

The refund policy of OXAHOST™ complies with law n°2000-83 of August 9, 2000, relating to exchanges and electronic commerce.

Products purchased from OXAHOST SARL can be refunded only in the event of cancellation within the time limits indicated below in this policy. Some products have different refund policies or requirements, and some products are not refundable under any circumstances. See below for reimbursement terms applicable to these products.

- Hosting (Shared/VPS): reimbursed within ten (10) days. In order to best satisfy our customers, this period has been extended to sixty (60) days after the date of payment of the order.
- Domain names*: not reimbursed.
- Tailor-made or personalized services and products*: not reimbursed.
- Free or offered services: not reimbursed.
Refund amounts of less than 100 TND including tax (or equivalent), are refundable if the means of payment used during payment supports systematic refunds (PayPal, Stripe), in which case this amount will be paid into the credit balance. customer account to be used when purchasing other products/services.

* By way of derogation from the general conditions of service and in accordance with Law 83-2000 relating to exchanges and electronic commerce in its article 32 “The consumer cannot withdraw in the following cases: (…) If the consumer receives products made according to personalized characteristics…”.

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